How can I allow staff or students access to private offices or studios (studio access list)?

Submit a Room Access Authorization Form via this link here.

How can I share access to my mail and calendar items?

Please see this article from Microsoft on how to grant access and this artice for how to open another mailbox. Please submit a ticket if you need additional help.

I'm having trouble with my computer/software/printer... how can I request help?

Please visit the submit a ticket page to request service.

How can I request guest wireless access for my upcoming event or visitors?

Simply visit the submit a ticket page to request.

Is there a WiFi coverage map or link for campus wireless information? 

Yes, see this map, taken from UNT's WiFi page here.

Are there any special academic discounts for UNT students and employees regarding software to use at home or on personally-owned computers?

Yes! Please visit UNT On The Hub for all offerings.

Where can I find academic discounts on Apple and Dell computers for personal purchase?

Apple educational pricing can be found at their site here. Dell's store link is here.

As a Faculty member, how can I submit a print job to the Copy Room?

Please use this page to submit to Copy Room.

Where can I find a map of the main Music Building?

Building map here

What is the maximum meeting size for a standard UNT Zoom account?

300 - For more information see Classroom Support Service's website here

If I am on-campus and using wireless do I need to connect to the VPN?

Only if you need to connect to a file server like Home

How can I find a campus map?

This link is an excellent, zoomable map and includes parking zones

Mail has started showing up in an "Other" folder... what's going on? 

Please see this article from Microsoft on the topic and this article for how to turn off "Focused Inbox"